An Overview Of API Discovery From @APIStrat

I am delivering my API discovery talk from @APIStrat in Austin tomorrow AM. It will be via a Google Hangout, beginning at 8:00 AM PST. Jim Laredo of IBM's API Harmony, Jerome Louvel of Restlet, and Nicolas Grenie of 3Scale and will be coming together for the hangout, with Natalie Kerns of Cloud Elements helping moderate again. 

To prepare for the hangout, and I wanted to revist my talk, a perfect opportunity to build off the momentum from the event, and share the story on API Evangelist. You can find the slide deck from my original talk on my project site, and I will post the video from the Google Hangout her on this blog, when we are done tomorrow.


Other Emerging Solutions

Other Emerging Solutions

API Discovery via Relationships

Discovery Via Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

API Discovery At Client Runtime

What APIs Exist Publicly?

What APIs Exist Privately?

What APIs that Should Exist?

How APIs Are Being Used?

Focus On Finding Just The Right API

The Aggregation, Integration, and Interoperability of APIs

Meaningful Procesess and Reciprocity Via APIs

Discovery Goes Well Beyond Just Developers Finding APIs