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API Discovery

In the early days of the web API movement (2005-2010), to find APIs, you went to ProgrammableWeb, which was the only site on the web that was exclusively dedicated to APIs. Discovery happened via the PW directory and constant stream of news and analysis from the space.

ProgrammableWeb is still relevant in 2013, but as the number of APIs grows, the directory model is not meeting the demand for finding the best of breed APIs that developers are needing to build web and mobile apps.

Among the API tech sector there is always discussion around the need for programatic discovery in API the API space. Something that uses a WADL-like approach to describing APIs, so that the next generation of API directories, IDEs and other systems can discover, understand, monitor and integrate with APIs--with less human involvement. In short, this vision hasn't been achieved.

API discovery has two sides, finding the APIs you need and having your API be found. As part of API Evangelist, I'd like help pay attention to both sides of this coin, and bring together the best news, analysis, tools and services for API Discovery.

When I Remix APIs Using Swagger How Do I Deal With Authentication Across Multiple APIs

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One of the things I’m loving about where the API space is going, is the simplicity, and remixability of available API resources, when they are defined with machine readable API definitions like Swagger. An example of this, can be found in my recent work to make federal government APIs more discoverable. I generated machine readable API definitions using Swagger, for four separate APIs out of the GSA. The APIs were spread across two separate domains: & You can follow the details of research, at each of the project repositories, but as I continue with my work, I keep thinking about more.

Expanding The Layer Of API Discovery From Within The Developers IDE

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Much like API design and integration, the world of API discovery is heating up in 2014. We are moving beyond the API directory as our primary mode of API search, in favor of a distributed approach using APIs.json, and supporting open source search engines like Another area of API discovery I’ve been watching for a while, and predict will become an important layer of API discovery, will be via the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plugin. Open Source SalesForce API IDE Plugin SalesForce just announced they have just open sourced their API IDE plugin on Github, after developing on more.